Applying brick slips

Brick slips are easy to apply, without the need to make any additional alterations to doors or windows.

Step 1: Determine the layer-size


Determine the average height of the delivered brick slips. To do so please stack 10 brick slips on top of each other. Measure the total height and divide it by 10. Based on this result you can now determine the layer size.

Put up a string for a clean result.


Step 2: Apply a ready-to-use adhesive


Vandersanden recommends the use of a flexible and frost resistant cement adhesive of class C2TE. The manufacturer indicates that the product complies with CE EN 12004 standards.

This type of cement adhesive is suitable for processing brick slips on concrete or brick walls. For walls of other materials, such as e.g. wood or metal, it may be possible that a different type of cement adhesive need to be used.

Regarding further information, we like to refer to the cement adhesive manufacturer. Please also follow closely the guidelines of the manufacturer concerning the mortar mixing procedure (amount of water added, etc.)


Step 3: Apply adhesive on the wall and to the rear of the brick slips

Spread the cement adhesive on the wall and distribute equally with a glue comb. Also put cement adhesive on the back of the brick slip. This "dual" gluing is necessary to achieve an optimum adhesion effect.