ECO brick slips

Sustainable as well as aesthetically pleasing walls?
Of course that's possible! Use of the ECO brick slips reduces your ecological footprint even further.

Mould-formed ECO brick slips

The new ECO brick slips (hand-formed or water-struck) give our exterior or interior wall a natural look and extremely durable character. Instead of being cut from full bricks, they are directly formed and fired in special moulds, even in the popular long size. This results in even less wastage of materials, raw materials and energy. The new ECO brick slips are a threefold win: ecologicallyaesthetically and financially.

Energy-conscious construction

The ECO brick slips are approx. 2 cm thick. You easily save 8 cm in wall thickness compared to traditional bricks, creating more space for insulation as well as a lean looking façade. In combination with the E-Board® wall insulation system or other prefab façade systems, such as Signa®, the ECO brick slips effectively meet the current requirements for energy-efficient buildings and lean, easy-to-construct (scaffold-free) structures.


ECO brick slips are available in a range of structures, colours and dimensions. Choose from the wide and varied range here.

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